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Adolf Hitler


This is not the kind of article that I – as a British supporter of the non-racist, the ethical, National-Socialism of Reichsfolk – desired to write.

But as someone who grew up in the Britain of the 1960s – whose father fought in the Second World War and whose grandfather fought in the Battle of the Somme – I believe I have a duty to express an unpopular truth. A truth which no doubt the “politically correct” generation will consider to be “racist” and which expression perhaps others will deem to be “illegal” in certain lands of the modern West.

This truth is how our land of Britain now seems subsumed with violence and killings by a certain racial minority and by those others who also are of non-British ethnic descent.

From murders on the streets of London – by knives and guns – by those of a certain racial minority to the recent invasion of a children’s party in Old Catton, near Norwich also by those of a certain racial minority wielding knives, to a recent raid on a café in Manchester also by men of a certain racial minority armed with a gun, a machete, and other weapons, to the scandal of the grooming and rape of British girls by those whose ancestry is that of Colonial India and specifically the region now known as Pakistan.

Not mention how our land is now home to others from the lands once described as Eastern European who according to crime statistics disproportionately perpetrate frauds and scams and who are also disproportionately implicated in the vile trades of human trafficking and sexual slavery and the importation of addictive drugs.

What, I wonder, would our land be like were it not now home to such foreign immigrants? Would it be as it once was: the land that I as a child, as a teenager, once knew? A land – born from the trauma of the First and the Second World Wars – where decency prevailed among the majority and where violent crime was limited to certain “inner city” gangs – like the Krays who knew and who respected certain boundaries – and to those of our own kind whose motivation was petty, parochial, and so often personal.

Have we therefore, in these British Isles of ours, come too far? So far, because in creating a “multi-racial society”, and even now encouraging further immigration, have sowed the seeds of violent, criminal, chaos within our once relatively peaceful British society?

Personally, I believe we have come too far.

What, therefore, can we who understand, we who know, do? Is the answer, as I am inclined to believe, that of the ethical, National-Socialism of Reichsfolk with its emphasis on new, Aryan, folk communities? Or is the answer of a British nationalist movement – an uprising, a political revolution – by those of us who treasure our folk and who understand if only instinctively “political correctness” for the alien (the non-British) tyranny it is?

Richard Stirling


A New Interpretation Of National Socialism


Adolf Hitler


A New Interpretation Of National Socialism

What is not widely known in the modern Western world is that there are two very different interpretations of National Socialism. “Ours” – that of groups such as Reichsfolk and of those who know and who appreciate the writings and deeds of people such as Waffen-SS General Leon Degrelle {1} – and that of the majority of latter-day self-described “neo-nazis”.

Latter-Day Neo-Nazism And The National-Socialism Of Reichsfolk

The first and most well-known latter-day interpretation of National Socialism is that of the majority of self-described “neo-nazis”, and which interpretation is accepted by most anti-fascists who actively oppose such modern “neo-nazis”.

This is the National Socialism with a belief in a strong, powerful, nation-State, and with an overt racist ideology. A National Socialism with a dislike – often hatred – of non-White immigrants and non-White neighbours; with a belief in the instinct of “might is right” and the necessity of kampf; with a dislike – even a hatred – of those whose love is for someone of the same gender; a National Socialism with a misogyny based on the masculous instinct that it is the natural duty of most women to be wives and home-makers; and a National Socialism with a dislike – even a hatred – of Islam and Muslims.

The second, and not very well-known, interpretation of National Socialism is that of the “revisionist”, non-racist, National-Socialism developed by David Myatt in the 1990s and manifest in the Reichsfolk group {2} inspired as this version was by Myatt’s meetings with Waffen-SS General Leon Degrelle and by his correspondence with Jost Turner whose vision was of a new Aryan folk-community in America and of other “NS kindred” communities around the world.

In this Myattian interpretation of National-Socialism {3} it is regarded as both (i) “an ethnic philosophy which affirms that the different races, the different peoples, which exist are expressions of our human condition, and that these differences, this human diversity, should be treasured in the same way we treasure the diversity of Nature. National-Socialists believe our world would be poorer were these human differences to be destroyed through abstract ideas,” and as (ii) “a pure expression of our own unique Aryan ethics, based as these ethics are upon the idealism of duty to the folk, duty to Nature, and upon the nobility of personal honour.” {4}

It is also the National-Socialism which rejects the notion of a strong, powerful, modern nation-State in favour of new ethnic folk-communities and which National-Socialism is not politically active “on the streets” but instead is “a social, educational, cultural, and spiritual, movement based upon and dedicated to disseminating the noble principles of ethical, non-racist, National-Socialism which are honour, reason, fairness, loyalty, duty to one’s own folk and to Nature, and respect for and understanding of other cultures and other ways of life.” {2}

In simple terms, the Myattian interpretation of National-Socialism is based on both honour and race, whereas the neo-nazism of most modern nazis and of modern neo-nazi political groups is based on the glorification of race and the glorification of “racial struggle” at the expense of personal honour; a difference Myatt emphasised is his essay A Brief Criticism of William Pierce, written in 114yf,
                  “The main weakness of the theorizing of Pierce is that he has failed to see that it is a combination of race and honour which defines National-Socialism, and which should define the racialist movement in general. Without the evolutionary, moral, concept of honour, there is only the inhuman ethics of the past, and in practice this leads to the creation of people who are ignoble and societies which are anti-evolutionary. Thus, Pierce is firmly stuck in the past: an ignoble past of unreason and dishonour.
                   This lack of an ethical dimension to his thinking leads to him supporting the old concept of racial struggle and the inhuman consequence of considering that some races are superior to others.” {5}

Myatt expanded upon this in his seminal text Esoteric Hitlerism: Idealism, the Third Reich and the Essence of National-Socialism,
                   “An affirmation of race without an affirmation honour is not National-Socialism, just as an affirmation of honour without an affirmation of race is not National-Socialism.
                   It is this living, organic, dialectic of honour and race which defines National-Socialism itself, and a National-Socialist is an individual who strives to do their honourable duty to both their own race and Nature herself, of which other human races are a part.
                   That is, a National-Socialist must always be honourable, whatever the consequences, or the perceived consequences. Quite often, this means a National-Socialist is faced with what seems to be difficult choices and difficult decisions, although in reality if National-Socialism itself is properly understood, there is no conflict, no moral dilemma and no difficulty in doing the right, the honourable, thing.
                   Thus if something, some act or deed, seems to affirm race – or be beneficial to one’s race – but is dishonourable, then that something is not something a National-Socialist should do. What honour does is define our duty to our race and other races – it prevents us from committing hubris.” {5}

In addition, in Myatt’s revisionist version of National-Socialism there is no misogyny, for the NS Code of Honour applies equally to both men and women,
                   “A man or woman of honour treats others courteously, regardless of their culture, religion, status, and race, and is only disdainful and contemptuous of those who, by their attitude, actions and behaviour, treat they themselves with disrespect or try to personally harm them, or who treat with disrespect or try to harm those whom the individual man or woman of honour have personally sworn loyalty to or whom they champion.” {6}

Our National-Socialism

The National-Socialism of Reichsfolk is Myatt’s revisionist, non-racist, ethical, version of National-Socialism.

This is the National-Socialism where
                   “a true National-Socialist knows or feels that some things are honourable, and other things are dishonourable. It is dishonourable, for instance – cowardly and unfair and uncivilized – for several people to attack and try to injure or kill a single individual.
                   Thus, if several Caucasians attack one Negro, they are acting dishonourably – they are being uncivilized and cowardly. A true National-Socialist would never do such a thing. They would always want to see, or take part in, a “fair fight”.
                   Furthermore, I myself – a life-long National-Socialist – would go to the aid of a Negro if I saw him being attacked by several Caucasians, for that would be the just, the fair, the honourable, the civilized and the National-Socialist thing to do. That so many people today who adhere to ‘political National Socialist’ organizations do not agree with this just shows how far these so-called ‘National Socialists’ are from genuine National-Socialism. Which, incidently, is why I always write ‘National-Socialism’ rather than National Socialism.”

This is also the National-Socialism where there is respect for the Muslim way of life and Muslim culture, with honourable co-operation between National-Socialists and Muslims regarded as desirable {8}.

That this revisionist, non-racist, ethical, version of National-Socialism is not appreciated – and certainly not understood – in the societies of the modern West is regarded by our kind as just one more indication of just how successful the Magian, the hubriati, and the neo-nazi hordes of Homo Hubris, have been in propagating the Magian latter-day (mis)interpretation of National Socialism as something “racist”, homophobic, misogynist, anti-Muslim, and uncivilized.

25 December 129yf


{1} Waffen SS General Leon Degrelle was awarded numerous medals for war-time bravery including the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves, a German military award similar to the British Military Cross. His writings include:
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{8} See, for instance, the essay Islam and National-Socialism in https://reichsfolktimes.files.wordpress.com/2018/12/ns-islam.pdf



David Myatt And Reichsfolk


Myatt: Selected National Socialist Works


Selected National Socialist Writings Of David Myatt


We republish here a selection of the National Socialist writings of David Myatt. As noted in the Preface:
             [quote] From the voluminous writings of David Myatt about National Socialism we have selected those that – alongside his Vindex, Destiny of The West, first published in Virginia (USA) in 1984 by George Dietz in his Liberty Bell magazine – have not only been most influential among contemporary neo-Nazis from the 1990s on but are also not stridently polemical…
              In these writings Myatt presents his revisionist version – his evolution – of the National Socialism of Adolf Hitler. His vision of National Socialism is certainly idealistic, inspiring, ideological, at times mystical, and marks him – in the words of one academic – as arguably one of the “principal proponent[s] of contemporary neo-Nazi ideology”. [/quote]

As Myatt writes in one of the included works:
             [quote] “This work, along with several other NS works I have written, has been slightly amended to reflect only the essence of National-Socialism. Thus, all polemical and political remarks – incompatible with Esoteric Hitlerism – have been removed.” [/quote]

In our view in the first two essays in the compilation, The Meaning of National-Socialism – written in 108 yf (1997) with a third revised edition published some years later, in 2003 – and the Esoteric Hitlerism: Idealism, the Third Reich and the Essence of National-Socialism – written in the year 2000 {1} – Myatt provides a clear and contemporary understanding of National Socialism and which understanding is very different from, in fact diametrically opposed to, how National Socialism is perceived today both by those opposed to it and by the majority who are described as “neo-nazis” or who describe themselves as “neo-nazi”.

In his Esoteric Hitlerian essay Myatt also provides an interesting autobiographical aside:
                  [quote] “Like many National-Socialists who live in the post First Zionist War world, I have in the past, out of desire to at least do something, used both the rhetoric and the tactics employed by the NSDAP in the hope of gaining some kind of political power. Thus, my older writings – and the propaganda I employed as leader of the now disbanded National-Socialist Movement – contain much strident rhetoric and appeals for political action of one kind or another. I have given all of my adult life to striving to aid the Cause in one way or another, as have many other National-Socialists.
                   In the past thirty or more years, I have used every tactic I could, some covert, some overt, some dubious and perhaps dishonourable, to further our noble Cause, as I have, on occasion, used deceit to try and deceive our now powerful enemies. In the end I and those others who have used similar tactics have achieved nothing because the tactics, and sometimes the intention, were wrong, as I have slowly and painfully learned from experience. This post First Zionist War world is very different from the world which Adolf Hitler and the members of his NSDAP knew and many people – myself included – have in past mistaken some of the rhetoric of the past for the essence.
                   We have concentrated on fighting perceived enemies, and on somehow taking over the status quo, to the detriment of what is fundamentally important. We have perceived our duty as fighting these perceived enemies, and taking part in some war, whereas our real duty is to be and to strive to be a becoming, a continuation of our folk and of evolution itself – to belong to our folk; to be honourable; to express our humanity through our Nature-given talents and abilities; to create genuine folk communities in harmony with Nature.” [/quote]

As Myatt makes clear in two of the essays included in the compilation – his Theory Of The Holocaust and the The Life of Adolf Hitler section of his The Religion of National-Socialism – in his revisionist version of National Socialism “the holocaust” is regarded as mendacious anti-Nazi propaganda.

RDM Crew
November 2018


{1} It worth noting that the third edition of his The Meaning of National-Socialism (the version included in the compilation) and his essay Esoteric Hitlerism were both written during his early years as a Muslim during his notorious campaign for an alliance between radical Muslims and National Socialists so that they might unite in their fight against their common “Zionist” enemy.


Vindex: Destiny Of The West (pdf)
Maintaining A Cosmic Balance


Maintaining A Cosmic Balance


We find it both indicative and amusing when people like us – post-WWII National Socialists and fascists who assert that the ‘holocaust’ is a myth, a legend – are accused of being “anti-Semitic” and of being full of “racial hatred” and of “inciting racial hatred”.


Such accusations are indicative because concepts such as “racial hatred” and “inciting racial hatred” are modern inventions, innovations which when enshrined in criminal law – as there now are in many Western lands – represent a particular political agenda and a modern zeitgeist that is the foundation of that political agenda.

The zeitgeist is of the necessity and the encouragement of multi-racial societies based on the claim that all races are equal in terms of intelligence, ability, and in their propensity toward being good and just; and that it only such things as “racism” by Whites along with White colonialism, and “institution racism” in majority-White societies and nations that had kept and which keep non-White races – and especially “people of colour” – from realizing their potential and from showing that they are equal to White people in terms of intelligence, ability, and in their propensity toward being good and just.

The particular political agenda based on this zeitgeist is that of introducing criminal and civil laws in majority-White societies and nations, which laws (i) seek to promote a multi-racial society, (ii) seek to propagate the claim of “institution racism” in majority-White societies and nations, and (iii) seek to criminalize those who oppose such multi-racial societies by stereotyping such opponents as intolerant bigots, as racists, who are full of “racial hatred” and who “incite racial hatred”.

In addition, this political agenda now includes the assertion that majority-White societies and nations, especially in Europe, have a “duty of care” in respect of non-White races and which duty (i) demands that majority-White societies and nations accept and welcome and support non-White immigrants and refugees in their thousands and hundreds of thousands, and (ii) demands that majority-White societies and nations give aid to non-White Third World countries in Africa and elsewhere, and (iii) demands that majority-White societies and nations do not draw undue attention to the corruption, the lawlessness, the violence, that now exist in former European colonies or in lands once governed by a White minority such as Rhodesia and South Africa.

That this particular political agenda – part as it now is of government policy in most European lands – amounts to favouring non-Whites over Whites and to actively (almost tyrannically) suppressing White dissent against such a political agenda and the zeitgeist it is based upon, is not more widely known among White folk is (i) due to the propaganda campaigns waged by governments in favour of that political agenda and (ii) due to the propaganda campaigns of such governments to stereotype their opponents as intolerant bigots, as racists, who are full of “racial hatred” and who “incite racial hatred”.


Such accusations are amusing because “holocaust denial” and “anti-Semitism” are also modern inventions, innovations which when enshrined in criminal law – as they now are in many Western lands – represent the same particular political agenda and the same modern zeitgeist that is the foundation of that political agenda.

Amusing to us because we know, we understand, how such tyrannical attempts to criminalize “holocaust denial” and “anti-Semitism” are, Aeonically, in the time-scale of centuries, of millennia, doomed to failure, knowing and understanding as we do that our folk, our White peoples, have sooner or later always rebelled against tyrants, against tyranny, against oppression, against unjust laws. For we in our majority have within us such an instinct, such a propensity, toward what is good and just, that we abjectly refuse to be dominated by those who are not good, who are not just.

Our so-called “anti-Semitism” is, for example, just our recognition of how a certain minority demands that we now accept both the modern zeitgeist – of racial equality – that they have invented and propagated {1} and the myth of the holocaust that they have also invented to stereotype and to criminalize us.

Amusing, because we know, we understand, that although they will “have their day” – evident for example in their Zionist entity that currently occupies Palestine and in their “holocaust denial” laws – they cannot, in their hubris, affect The Cosmic Balance and thus cannot avoid the consequences of their hubris.

For we – we post-WWII National Socialists and fascists who assert that the ‘holocaust’ is a myth, a legend – currently represent and will in the future represent an aspect of that Cosmic Balance. Of the dialectic, the dissent, the rebellion, that informs – that makes – our human history, our human evolution.

Thus, as someone recently wrote in respect of the Zionist entity that currently occupies Palestine:


                  Perceived Aeonically, the Zionist entity may well be successful, for a while: be it for some decades, be it for a hundred years or perhaps more. However, their success is dependant on the continuing support of America, on a continuing belief among the peoples of the West in both the legend of the holocaust, and in the myth supported by evangelical/traditionalist Nazarenes (especially in America) that their support for the Zionist entity that currently occupies Palestine is authorized by Nazarene Scripture which they believe revealed that their Nazarene God intended Palestine for those who consider themselves “the chosen people” as thus who regard themselves as the descendants of the Hebrews tribes mentioned in the Old Testament.

                  However, regarding American support, both the demographic and the belief of the people of America are changing. Demographically, the move is away from a White majority toward those hitherto ethnic minorities – the Hispanic and the Negro – who have an instinctive aversion to the policies and politics espoused by people such as The Vulgarian. {2} In terms of belief, it is estimated that, in America, every year around 3,000 Nazarene churches close due to falling congregations, with a 2017 study by the American based Public Religion Research Institute revealing that in 1996 around 65% of Americans identified themselves as White Christians while a decade or so later only 43% did so.

                  Thus it is reasonable to conclude that in a hundred or so years time the people of America, and their beliefs, will be different from that of today, with there being no guarantee of American support for the Zionist entity that currently occupies Palestine.

                  Regarding belief among the peoples of the West in the legend of the holocaust, although it is likely that over the next three or four decades more Western lands will introduce Zionist-supported tyrannical laws making questioning “the holocaust” a criminal offence punishable by imprisonment, the history of Western peoples over the last three millennia reveals that rebellion against tyrannical laws is inevitable, sooner or later, be that later a century or more. For every tyranny, every Empire, has its day with none, in the entire history of humanity, lasting more than three or four centuries. There is always a revolution or rebellions; there is always the death – from natural causes or otherwise – of a tyrant or potentate; there is always a change of government; always the removal, the overthrow – violent or otherwise – of a ruling cabal. And there are always new ideals, new ideas, new ways of living, which replace – gradually or otherwise – the old.


Thus, Aeonically, Cosmically, understood, the hubriatic pursuit by Zionists among White nations of their “racial equality” zeitgeist – and their hubriatic promotion of the myth of the holocaust – will eventually be their undoing.

Perhaps they will then understand – or more likely, given their physis and thus their history of hubris, they will not understand – that as Aeschylus wrote millennia ago:

                   Δίκα δὲ τοῖς μὲν παθοῦσιν μαθεῖν ἐπιρρέπει

                   “The goddess, Judgement, favours someone learning from adversity.” (Agamemnon, 250-251)

Richard Stirling
129 yf

{1} The roots of this zeitgeist are described in David Myatt’s seminal and heretical text Vindex: Destiny Of The West, available at https://reichsfolktimes.files.wordpress.com/2018/08/vindex-destiny-of-the-west.pdf

Editorial Note: That pdf edition was produced some years ago by an Australian who added a few footnotes to the text and an essay at the end. While the transcriber introduced a few typos and transcription errors into the text, these – and his few footnotes and end essay – do not detract from the value of that pdf version of Myatt’s text: from the fact that, to date, it is still the only publicly available edition of Myatt’s text, with rare secondhand copies of the 1984 printed edition fetching, as befits such an heretical text, high prices when they come up for sale, and thus kudos is due to the person who transcribed the printed text and produced that pdf version.

{2} qv. https://reichsfolktimes.wordpress.com/2018/07/20/the-vulgarian/

David Myatt And Reichsfolk


One question which we have been repeatedly asked since 2000 ev – and especially since 2012 ev – is why we publicize and use the National-Socialist writings of Mr Myatt given his conversion to Islam in 1998 ev and then his post 2012 ev development of his “philosophy of pathei-mathos” with his condemnation of German National Socialism and of Adolf Hitler.

Our answer, pre-2012, was always along the following lines:

° That, in our opinion, his NS writings – such as those in the pdf collection the Selected National Socialist Writings Of David Myatt – are among the best modern writings about National Socialism and cement his reputation as “England’s principal proponent of contemporary neo-Nazi ideology and theoretician of revolution.” {1}

° Because even during his decade as a Muslim he not only such wrote gems as Esoteric Hitlerism: Idealism, the Third Reich and the Essence of National-Socialism and National-Socialism, Folk Culture, and a Muslim Khilafah (pdf) but also embarked upon a campaign to bring National-Socialists and Jihadi Muslims together in order to fight their common “Zionist” enemy. {2}

To which answer we, post-2012, have added the following:

° That we consider that he has in the words of JR Wright in her article One Man Above Time: David Myatt, Reichsfolk, Esoteric Hitlerism, and Savitri Devi (pdf) moved from living a practical “in Time” life to one that is totally “above Time”. {3}

° That in the context of Reichsfolk – with its emphasis on new, local, leaderless, folk communities as opposed to the concept of The State, and with the Reichsfolk emphasis on personal combat as opposed to impersonal war between States – Myatt’s criticism (i) of German National Socialism (predicated as it was on a powerful State and on kampf) and (ii) of Adolf Hitler, may well be valid since all “in Time” States and Empires and armies are, in the perspective of centuries, transitory, and since all leaders, however gifted and charismatic, are fallible and inevitably make mistakes and often commit the error of hubris. Was, for example, Hitler’s invasion of Russia a strategic mistake that inevitably led to the destruction of the Third Reich?

° That Myatt’s latest writings – such as his Classical Paganism And The Christian Ethos and his Tu Es Diaboli Ianua – as well as his translations of classical ancient texts such as Sophocles and Aeschylus and his Corpus Hermeticum: Eight Tractates expound the pagan ethos that formed the genesis of our Western “Faustian” civilization.

Thus we consider Myatt as migrating – due to his pathei mathos – from an “in time” activist and ideologue to an “above time” philosopher and mystic. As Savitri Devi wrote in her Lightning And Sun:

                  “But there are also men ‘outside Time’ or rather ‘above Time’; men who live, here and now, in eternity; who (directly at least) have no part to play in the downward rush of history towards disintegration and death, but who behold it from above – as one beholds, from a strong and safe bridge, the irresistible rush of a waterfall into the abyss – and who have repudiated the law of violence which is the law of Time…..
                  But the salvation which the men ‘above Time’ offer the world is always that which consists in breaking the time-bondage. It is never that which would find its expression in collective life on earth in accordance with Golden Age ideals. It is the salvation of the individual soul, never that of organised society…..
                  Men ‘outside Time’ or ‘above Time,’ at the most saviours of souls, have, more often than not, disciples who are definitely men ‘against Time.’
                  No organisation can live ‘outside Time’ – ‘above Time’ – and hope to bring men back, one day, to the knowledge of the eternal, values. That, all men ‘above Time’ have realised. In order to establish, or even to try to establish, here and now, a better order, in accordance with Truth everlasting, one has to live, outwardly at least, like those who are still ‘in Time’; like them, one has to be violent, merciless, destructive – but for different ends.
                  Knowing this, the real men ‘above Time’ are the first ones to understand and to appreciate the wholehearted efforts of their disciples ‘against Time,’ however awful these might appear to ordinary people…. The fallen world can never understand them.”

Most people today apparently do not understand David Myatt, and perhaps never will. But we like to believe we do.

Richard Stirling
July 129 yf

{1} Michael, George. The New Media and the Rise of Exhortatory Terrorism. Strategic Studies Quarterly (United States Air Force), Volume 7 Issue 1, Spring 2013.
{2} Michael, George. The Enemy of My Enemy: The Alarming Convergence of Militant Islam and the Extreme Right. University Press of Kansas, 2006, pp. 143ff.
{3} The categories “in time” and “above time” refer to Savitri Devi’s book The Lightning and the Sun in which she describes three basic types of leaders. Those “in time” – like Genghis Khan – who concentrate on military might; those “above time” – like the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten – who are otherworldly and mystic; and those “against time” – like Adolf Hitler – who are both “in time” and “above time”, both Lightning and Sun.

Redefining Anti-Semitism



Redefining Anti-Semitism
A Tale For Our Times

The current political row about so-called “anti-Semitism” in the British Labour party is a relevant tale of our times for several reasons.

I.         It is a relevant tale, firstly, because the term “anti-Semitism” is a fairly recent invention, dating from the 1870’s but only becoming common in English due to the anti-German propaganda that proliferated before and during the Second World War. {1} As defined in the Complete Oxford English Dictionary (Second edition, 1989) it means “hostility and prejudice directed against Jewish people, and the theory, action, or practice resulting from this.”

II.         It is a relevant tale, secondly, because it reveals how influential and powerful certain Jewish advocacy groups are since they have for years lobbied the British government – and police forces and other official bodies – to accept the new definition of “anti-Semitism” invented by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA).

The IHRA’s definition is: “Antisemitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of antisemitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities.”

However, as well of this definition, the IHRA helpfully provide examples of what according to their definition constitute the “crime” of “anti-Semitism”. Among their examples are the following:

           ° Accusing the Jews as a people, or Israel as a state, of inventing or exaggerating the Holocaust.

           ° Accusing Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel, or to the alleged priorities of Jews worldwide, than to the interests of their own nations.

           ° Denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination, e.g., by claiming that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavour.

           ° Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis.

Since this IHRA definition – and its examples – define things which it advocates and supporters consider to be “wrong”, morally reprehensible, it should be obvious that it enshrines an ideology; that is, it is a scheme of ideas relating to ethics, politics and society, and forms the basis of action and policy.

Furthermore, since this ideology, enshrined in the IHRA definition and its examples, is now increasingly being used by police forces, councils, and other official bodies, to determine if a “hate crime” has been committed, it is clear that there is a movement, not yet written in law but continually agitated for, to make things such as a “certain perception of Jews”, “holocaust denial” and criticism of Zionists and of the Zionist entity itself, punishable crimes in the modern West.

That this ideology – whose advocates and supporters seek to criminalise “a certain perception” that some other people do not like or approve of – is an assault on freedom of expression and freedom of belief should be obvious. That this assault is still not obvious to many is tribute to just how effective the propaganda of the Zionist lobbies and of “holocaust remembrance” lobbies is and has been, for such propaganda – repeated almost every day, every week, every year, since 1945 – is that “anti-Semitism led to the horrors, the inhumanity, of the holocaust and such horrors must never be allowed to happen again.”

Yet if – as those who write and speak in favour of historical revisionism claim and believe – the holocaust did not happen as portrayed in the holocaust literature then persecuting and criminalizing those who question or doubt it is repressive and intolerant. This intolerance was summed up following the criminal conviction in May 2018 in a British court of law of a singer – Alison Chabloz – just for singing songs questioning the veracity of the holocaust, with the leader of the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism declaring that “in Britain Holocaust denial […] will not be tolerated.”

In other words, advocates and supporters of a particular ideology demand that their zealous intolerance becomes official policy and is enshrined in the law of the land, just as they rejoice when someone is convicted in a court of law on the basis of the intolerant ideology they advocate and support.

It really does seem as if we in the West have not learned much from the religious intolerance of former centuries when those who did not believe in certain things – and who perhaps had “a certain perception” that differed from what was then the accepted, the non-heretical, norm – were persecuted and criminalized.

III.         It is a relevant tale, thirdly, because it reveals just how intertwined the modern legend of the holocaust is (i) with re-defining “anti-Semitism”, (ii) with intolerant attempts to criminalize “a certain perception”, (iii) with support for and the survival of the Zionist entity that currently occupies Palestine, and (iv) with the religious belief that the Jews were and are the “chosen people of God” and that therefore they have a God-given right and duty to create and then to live in the Zionist entity. Hence, of course, the Zionist “law of return”.

For without the legend of the holocaust the Zionist entity would either not exist or would not be supported as it is and has been – economically, financially, militarily, propagandistically and otherwise – by the wealthy nations of the modern West.

It should therefore come as no surprise that, in an unguarded moment, the Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom, Dr. Jakobovits, declared that “The Jews were chosen to act as pathfinders for the world, and Israel has a special place as an instrument to effect the Jew’s social engineering upon the world.” {2}

Where by the term “social engineering” he meant and implied both (i) government and State efforts (through laws, propaganda and other means) to influence the attitudes and ideas of people and the structure of society, and (ii) efforts by the Media and special interest groups to bring about certain changes in society.

For re-defining the term “anti-Semitism”, criminalizing questioning or doubting the legend of the holocaust, and – among things – demanding that a certain ideology becomes official policy and is enshrined in the law of the land, most certainly amounts to social engineering.

23rd July 2018 ev

{1} An example of such propaganda occurred in The Economist magazine dated 24th August 1935: “The Nazi Party stalwarts […] have all been leading an anti-Semitic, anti-Catholic, anti-Protestant crusade.”

{2} The Guardian newspaper (London), 7th August 1982.


Relevant & Necessary Disclosure:
It should also be noted that the pseudonym Haereticus – “a heretic” – is used by several different authors.

We Have To Face Our Barbarism



While we as ethical National-Socialists {1} are proud of our Aryan heritage and proud of the advanced ‘Faustian’ civilization created in the lands of the West we have to accept that a certain percentage – perhaps even a large percentage – of our own people, our own folk, are still in their heart and soul (in physis) barbarians, with such barbarity often perhaps concealed but ready to break forth when circumstances conspire to break down such concealment thus allowing their primitive instincts to overwhelm and control them.

Which barbarity within our psyche is one reason why Reichsfolk does not, and never has, considered our race, our folk, as “superior” and thus why we are not and never have been what our enemies define as “racist”. {2}

One of the most recent manifestations of the barbarity still lingering in our folk was the rape and murder of a White six year old girl by a sixteen year old White male on the Scottish isle of Bute. Historical examples of such barbarism abound: from Emile Cilliers, to Jeffrey Dahmer, to the “Railway Rapists” John Duffy and David Mulcahy, to the “Moors murders” committed by Ian Brady and Myra Hindley. There is also, of course, “Rumpledhatevik” who in 2011 shot dead sixty-nine people on the island of Utøya, the majority of whom were young people.

However, such truths about ourselves are probably not what most of the modern Far Right – in Britain and elsewhere – want to hear or read about. Instead, they concentrate on finding fault with – even hating – those outwardly different from them, those of a different ethnicity.

Perhaps they are more comfortable with more historical manifestations of the barbarity still lingering in our folk, such as the millions upon millions killed in the two fairly recent World Wars; and a barbarity especially manifest in the many millions of German civilians – women, children, old men – who were: (i) killed and suffered because of Allied air raids during World War Two; (ii) who because of Allied bombing and blockades died of starvation in the last years of that war and the years immediately following it; and (iii) who died due to and who suffered because of the forced expulsion of Germans from the Eastern territories in the years between 1944 and 1950. In addition, and often forgotten, is just how many German women were raped by advancing Soviet troops between 1944 and 1945, and just how many German soldiers were summarily executed by Soviet troops or sent to endure years of suffering in Soviet labour camps.

Instead of remembering such atrocities committed by the Allies, the governments of the modern West religiously celebrate “The Shoah” as if that myth somehow justifies or officially obscures such Allied atrocities.

Similarly, the modern Far Right in Britain and elsewhere – and especially self-described racist “neo-nazis” – trumpet the superiority of The West and the “superiority” of what they term The White Race, forgetting or never knowing that National-Socialism, whether of The Third Reich or of modern movements such as Reichsfolk, was and is concerned with – was and is imbued with – the principle of honour and thus with the reformation of, the evolution of, our folk by means of honour.

As David Myatt expressed it, way back in the 1990’s,

                  “It is a combination of race and honour which defines National-Socialism, and which should define the racialist movement in general. Without the evolutionary, moral, concept of honour, there is only the inhuman ethics of the past, and in practice this leads to the creation of people who are ignoble and societies which are anti-evolutionary […]
                  In my own [National Socialist] works I have again and again stressed that while race in important – and our connection to Nature – honour is also important, and in particular honour defines how we view ourselves, others and the world […]
                  Thus, I do not consider the Aryan race as ‘superior’ – only different. Honour demands that we treat other races with respect, and our aim should be the creation of independent ethnic nations which co-operate together, for their mutual benefit, on the basis of honour, respect and reason and not on the basis of some barbaric ‘struggle’ to see who is the strongest. In this sense, I have evolved the ideas of National-Socialism.” {3}

Reichsfolk believes that the way to evolve ourselves – to implement the National-Socialist ideal of honour – is to eschew politics and instead form, create, new folk communities based on families who will be the nucleus of a resurgent National-Socialism.

Richard Stirling
129 yf

{1} Ethical National-Socialism (pdf).

{2} Refer, for example, to the essay Why National-Socialism is Not Racist in the Ethical National-Socialism compilation.

{3} A Brief Criticism of William Pierce, included in the pdf compilation Selected National Socialist Writings Of David Myatt.


An Introduction To Reichsfolk

An Example Of Zionist Power


If we needed a recent example of Zionist power and influence among the societies of the modern West then we need look no further than the muppet best known under his pseudonym Tommy Robinson: anti-Muslim agitator, former leader of the extremist right-wing English Defence League, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon and who has criminal convictions for violence, fraud, and illegal entry into the United States by using a false passport.

Having declared his support for Zionism and the Zionist entity that currently occupies Palestine {1} he has been groomed by the likes of Zionist anti-Muslim agitators such as Ezra Levant, Daniel Pipes and David Horowitz, with Daniel Pipes spending well over US $100,000 on legal fees in his defence {2} and with his Zionist friends paying the unemployed fraudster a monthly “retainer” as well as paying his travelling expenses.

Meanwhile Establishment, pro-Zionist, and wealthy figures such as Islamophobe Lord Pearson have wined and dined the muppet at the British Houses of Parliament {3}. Little wonder then, given the Zionist company the fraudster now keeps, that he has been invited to visit America and undertake an anti-Muslim speaking tour which will make him a millionaire {4}.

Because of his powerful, wealthy, and influential Zionist friends – and their Republican, pro-Zionist, friends in the US government such as Paul Gosar, the normal rules of law do not apply to Mr Robinson.

As witness his release from prison after a successful appeal spearheaded by lawyers hired by his Zionist friend Daniel Pipes. As witness the current campaign – by influential American Islamophobic politicians such as Paul Gosar – for him to be granted special permission to enter America in order for him to undertake a speaking tour which will make him a millionaire despite the fact that, given his previous illegal entry to the United States using a false passport, he is currently barred for entering America.

In the space of a year an unemployed convicted and violent criminal, a low-life fraudster, has acquired wealthy and influential friends; has received extensive Media coverage because of his Islamophobic views; has acquired the services of expensive lawyers such as an eminent Queen’s Council; is paid a monthly “retainer” by wealthy individuals, and has acquired the Media status of being “a martyr of the working class” {5} who has been “persecuted” by the British State despite the fact that wealthy Establishment figures such as the Eton-educated Lord Pearson have wined and dined him in the British Houses of Parliament.

The secret of his current success? Declaring his support for Zionism and the Zionist entity that currently occupies Palestine; being a virulent Islamophobe; and allowing himself to be groomed and financially supported by wealthy Zionists and their wealthy Islamophobic friends.

November 2018

{1} https://web.archive.org/web/20160202113803/http://www.thejc.com/lifestyle/lifestyle-features/131131/what-makes-edl

{2} https://reichsfolktimes.wordpress.com/2018/09/27/criminal-case-against-zionist-muppet-postponed/

{3} https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/oct/24/john-bercow-calls-tommy-robinson-repellent-ukip-lords-invite

{4} https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/oct/27/tommy-robinson-edl-stands-to-make-1-million-pounds-on-us-speaking-tour

{5} https://www.telegraaf.nl/tag/tommy_robinson/

Criminal Case Against Zionist Muppet Postponed


That the criminal trial at the Old Bailey against Zionist muppet and convicted fraudster “Tommy Robinson” has been postponed is yet another example of Zionist influence. Obviously Zionist pressure groups – such as the influential and wealthy pro-Zionist Middle East Forum, founded and run by Daniel Pipes, who have already spent over US$ 100,000 on hiring lawyers to defend their muppet – have been active behind the scenes.

In an unusual move, Nicholas Hilliard QC adjourned the case stating that he needed “written submissions” before making a decision whether to proceed with a new trial.

Which adjournment presents the convicted fraudster and his supporters with a whole host of propaganda opportunities, as no doubt his Zionist backers had hoped. For the convicted fraudster – the Zionist muppet – can now at the very least continue with his propaganda campaign to portray himself as “a persecuted enemy of The State” when in reality he is just a convicted, untrustworthy, criminal low-life and fraudster who has been chosen by his Zionist paymasters to be the new figurehead of British “right-wing extremism”.

The likes of real “right-wing” persecuted enemies of The State – such as Oswald Mosley, William Joyce, John Tyndall and Colin Jordan – would turn in their graves. For “Tommy Robinson” surrounds himself with Jews. Such as Ezra Isaac Levant and Daniel Pipes.

It is therefore no surprise that Ezra Levant, one of the wealthy Zionist backers of “Tommy Robinson”, accompanied him to the Old Bailey and posted on the web a video of the fraudster filmed in the canteen on the Old Bailey’s second floor. Although it is a criminal offence to film or photograph people within court precincts we fully expect that the wealthy, well-connected, Ezra Levant will not be prosecuted. After all, he can afford to hire the best lawyers money can buy.


Latest: The Tommy Robinson Saga
The Zionist Muppet Archives – Part One

Pro-Immigration Hypocrisy



The German media and mainstream German politicians, especially Chancellor Angela Merkel, have expressed “outrage” at the anti-immigrant protests that occurred in the wake of the murder of a German man by several asylum seekers in the city of Chemnitz. Which German man, according to witness accounts, went to the aid of a German woman who was being harassed by the male asylum seekers.

Following the anti-immigrant protests, the German media and mainstream German politicians also re-affirmed their commitment to aid and protect immigrants and not only demanded that the organizers of such anti-immigrant protests be investigated by the police but also denounced such protests as “racist” and “xenophobic” with the police also, under pressure from the government, publicly stating that the German man was not defending a woman from sexual assault by asylum seekers, thus and unusually prejudicing the trial of the two male asylum seekers – a Syrian and an Iraqi – who have so far been detained in connection with the murder. Prejudicing the trial in favour of the foreign defendants.

Yet where is the outrage – in the German media and by mainstream German politicians – at the murder of a German man? Where are their tributes to the victim? Which mainstream German politician has gone to the scene of the crime and laid flowers or stood in silent remembrance?

Instead, the sympathy of the German media and mainstream German politicians is directed at foreign immigrants. Just as the anger and outrage of the German media and of mainstream German politicians is directed at those who oppose – actively or passively – mass foreign immigration.

Hence their denunciation of such protests and those who support them as “racist” and “xenophobic”, and hence their witch-hunt against any government-employed persons or person of German descent which or who they perceive as either supportive of such protests or who has failed to respond as the government demanded they respond by publicly and stridently denouncing such protests and those involved. Persons such as Hans-Georg Maassen who was forced to resign as head of the BfV, the German equivalent of Britain’s MI5.

Which political and media reactions are just some of the natural consequences of supporting and encouraging foreign immigration, of supporting a multi-ethnic society, and the dogma of “racial equality” on which such a society is based.

September 2018

Three Common Features


What do the vast majority of those who in the lands of the West publicly, stridently, and continually condemn Islam have in common? At least three things.

First, they support the Zionist entity that currently occupies Palestine.

Second, they believe the Shoah actually happened given that the Shoah is the founding myth of the Zionist entity with belief in that myth essential to support of, as well as to the survival of, that entity.

Third, they receive support – political and/or financial – and praise from either Zionists of Jewish descent (such as Ezra Levant and Daniel Pipes) and/or from pro-Zionist, well-financed, and influential, lobbies such as the Middle East Forum – who spent over US$ 100,000 on lawyers for “Tommy Robinson,” the convicted fraudster {1} – and the so-called “Rebel Media” news and commentary on-line site which funded trips by its staff to places such as India, Morocco, Iraq, and of course to the Zionist entity.

These three things that the vast majority of vocal Western anti-Islam propagandists and agitators have in common were obvious following announcements about a forthcoming luxury cruise on the Danube river – through Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary – whose attendees and propagandists included former newspaper journalist Katie Hopkins and “Tommy Robinson” who have been, in the United Kingdom, two of the most vocal Islamophobes.

For among the other attendees and propagandists were Ezra Levant (founder of “Rebel Media” which would finance the cruise) and Daniel Pipes, and – it was rumoured – Ron Wexler of the Florida-based Heritage Study Programs, who regularly organizes propaganda tours of the Zionist entity and who is a fundamentalist Christian who fanatically believes that God/Jehovah intended Palestine for those who consider themselves “the chosen people” and which “the chosen people” regard themselves as the descendants of the Hebrews tribes mentioned in the Old Testament.

A stated aim of the cruise was for the participants and propagandists to meet with politicians in Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary who were supportive of their anti-Muslim agenda.

That the Danube cruise has apparently now been cancelled following pressure from anti-fascist groups is ironic but leaves unanswered the question regarding who is financing such anti-Islam propagandists as Ezra Levant and Daniel Pipes, and their respective wealthy anti-Islamic organizations such as “Rebel Media” and the Middle East Forum.

The obvious answer is the Zionist entity itself, which would seem to have a vested – if in practice a covert – interest in spreading and aiding anti-Islam propaganda surrounded as it is by Muslim lands, by those desirous in the name of Islam to undermine and destroy the Zionist entity itself, and by those among Muslims who no longer believe in the myth of the Shoah, the founding myth of the Zionist entity.

Which lack of belief in such a myth is one of the reasons why Zionists and successive governments of the Zionist entity despise and seek with the help of the Zionist-loving United States to destroy the military capability of Iran, cripple its economy through sanctions, and overthrow the Islamic government of Iran which has denounced the Shoah as a modern myth.

September 2018

{1} See https://reichsfolktimes.wordpress.com/2018/08/04/latest-the-tommy-robinson-saga/



The Zionist Muppet Archives – Part One


Here are extracts from some recent – July/August 2018 – posts about the Zionist muppet posted by a person on a popular White nationalist web-forum. We have corrected some obvious typos.


Post #1

[Tommy Robinson] is a one-trick pony, banging on and on about a class of people with Muslim sounding names and about Islam but not about non-White immigration, not about creating a Whites-only society, not about how Blacks and some foreigners from eastern Europe and elsewhere are responsible for perhaps 50% of crime in places like London; and not about British values and what it means and what it did mean to be British.

For to me British racial nationalism means focusing on the problem of all non-White foreigners who now live in our country; focusing on immigration; focusing on crime committed by non-Whites; focusing on social problems such as addiction to drugs and unemployment among White youths; and focusing on British values and thus what it means to be British

In his apparent obsession with some non-White criminal types Mr Robinson shows his ignorance. For like his wealthy supporter – Daniel Pipes, a Zionist who is an American citizen of Jewish descent – he talks about “Muslim rape gangs” when the rational reality is that those belonging to such so-called “grooming gangs” are not practising Muslims who follow the guidelines of the Quran and the Sunnah. In addition, the fact that some or all of those criminals may have been born into Muslim families or may have Muslim sounding names is irrelevant, just as the fact that serial killers such as Dennis Nielson, Fritz Haarmann, and Peter Sutcliffe, may have been baptised as Christians or have Christian-sounding first names is irrelevant in respect of their adult crimes.

For no rational person in this modern day and age would condemn Christianity on the basis that some individuals baptised as Christians – or who have Christian-sounding first names – are serial killers, rapists, and murderers, Yet many Right-Wing and “alt-right” leaders, ideologues, and groups, propagandistically condemn Islam on the basis that those involved in some so-called “grooming gangs” have Muslim names or were born into Muslim families.

As for British values and what it means and what it did mean to be British I’ll quote from a post on a another thread.

[begin quote]

Taking the words out from the mouth of a wealthy former investment banker from the US of A, the likes of “Tommy Robinson” are the backbone of this country. That is, the likes of a convicted fraudster, a violent unreasonable criminal with a temper, are the backbone of this country.

Now, I’m around the same age as you so I guess you like me remember Britain in the 50’s and 60’s when our fathers had fought in the war and our mothers had endured the war, the rationing – in my case my mother endured The Blitz – and who tried to instil in us what it meant to be British.

For me and for them this meant fair play, decency, self-restraint, honesty, and humour in the face of adversity.

Today you’ll find those values still alive in people like first-responders who have undertaken [non-political] deeds which have shown that they are courageous individuals who in dangerous or difficult situations have placed the life and safety of others before their own.

Those type of people are the backbone of this country, not some fraudster with criminal convictions who is bankrolled by wealthy Americans and Zionists.

As the new figurehead – the poster boy – of British nationalism the fraudster is going nowhere because the majority of decent White British people would never support him.

To be blunt, the dishonest fraudster is the exact opposite of those who are the backbone of this country.

[end quote]

In my opinion, this says all that needs to be said about “Tommy Robinson” aka Stephen Yaxley Lennon the fraudster. Like some other convicted criminals he has used many aliases.

Do you really think that decent White folk – in their majority – are going to support a convicted fraudster who has used numerous aliases?


Post #2

So the Zionist muppet – the fraudster publicly known by his alias “Tommy Robinson” – has been released from prison all thanks due to the pro-Zionist Middle East Forum – founded and run by Daniel Pipes, an American citizen of Jewish ancestry and a virulent Islamophobe – who spent a five-figure sum on hiring a team of lawyers led by an eminent Queen’s Council. {1}

That’s what secret friendly meetings with Jews {2} and publicly stating that you’re “a Zionist” {3} will get you.

Would the likes of Colin Jordan and John Tyndall have stooped so low as to accept money and help from Zionists? Having known them both, I don’t think so.

No doubt “Tommy Robinson” will have his moment of glory, but – in the pay of Zionists as he is – he is no British nationalist, just another Zionist muppet with Zionists now having, in respect of the “right wing”, the control “behind the scenes”, in Britain and Europe, they must have always dreamed about.

That many genuine British nationalists now seem to support such a Zionist muppet is a sad day for British nationalism.

(1} https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/jul/22/us-rightwing-groups-bankroll-campaign-to-free-tommy-robinson

(2} https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/tommy-robinson-manchester-jews-islamophobic-racism-edl-leader-english-defence-league-a7825016.html

{3} https://web.archive.org/web/20160202113803/http://www.thejc.com/lifestyle/lifestyle-features/131131/what-makes-edl


Post #3

I have to admit to a degree of frustration, when even a significant victory against the totalitarian British state, has to be viewed through the perspective of the Stormfront mantra of “Everyone is a Jew.”

I have to admit to a degree of frustration when people start defending someone who obviously is in the pay of Zionists and who proudly states that he is a Zionist.

We – meaning British nationalists and British National Socialists such as myself – don’t see Jews or Zionists everywhere. We just know enough history to know that our aims and goals, of for example creating a Whites-only nation, will not and never will be achieved by pandering to Zionists or by accepting money from them.

Why not? Because of the legend of the holocaust and because the new Zionist-invented definition and examples of so-called “anti-Semitism” – invented and given by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance and now used by British police forces and other official bodies to determine if a so-called “hate crime” has been committed – will always be used against us.

One of the examples given by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance is that it is “anti-Semitic” – and thus is in their view a “hate crime” – to accuse Jews, or Israel as a state, of inventing or exaggerating the Holocaust.

Now, if Tommy Robinson decides to denounce the holocaust and announce that it is a legend, a myth, invented by Jews in order for them to, among other things, create the new nation of “Israel” then I might change my opinion about the man.


Post #4

My only question is where is the leader who can lead us out of this circle of Jew control?

I wish I knew but in my book he has to be someone ordinary White folk can trust; a person of upright character, who has proved he is “the right stuff” by his deeds (not words) and also of course a British nationalist who prefers to stay in Britain rather than go gallivanting around Europe and America with all his expenses paid by rich people with their own agendas.

Such a person would inspire personal loyalty, like Hitler did.

Those of us who’ve been involved with racial nationalism for decades have seen many leaders come and go including Jordan and Tyndall but they inspired only a limited number of people who stayed loyal; never inspiring the type of large scale personal loyalty needed. In the case of JT his active “neo-nazi” past was always a problem in terms of the wider White British public who after all are the ones who could vote a nationalist movement into power.


Post #5

suppose, however unlikely, that TR is the man we need and has taken a lesson from history and is using jews


No, I don’t believe it. Besides, his personal character and his history – as I’ve tried to explain – goes against everything I believe our cause is all about.

A convicted fraudster, with a list of other criminal convictions, with a short temper, who doesn’t live by and probably doesn’t even know the meaning of British values such as fair play and self-restraint, and who has never done any heroic non-political deeds which have proved his mettle, is most certainly not in my book “the man we need”.

The man we need is someone like a combat veteran, decorated for bravery; or someone – as I said in my first post on this thread – such as first responders who have undertaken (non-political) deeds which have shown that they are a courageous individuals who in dangerous or difficult situations have placed the life and safety of others before their own.

One reason Adolf Hitler was so respected – especially among the SA – was that he’d been on the front line in World War One and had been decorated for bravery.


Post #6

what did (Hitler) have that could activate a nation like that?

A genuine, deep, love of his people, his nation; a personal character forged by having spent four years at the front during the First World War; and having done courageous deeds during that conflict that showed that in dangerous or difficult situations he placed the interests of his people, the interest of his nation, before his own life […]

He spoke from the heart and because of his personal experiences and didn’t – like the majority of modern politicians – just read a script prepared beforehand by some flunkey script-writer.

He indistinctively felt, he indistinctively understood, what his German audiences felt and understood because he genuinely loved them and his fatherland.

His German audiences loved him because of that, and one of the things that Jewish propaganda has tried so hard to destroy – through for example their legend of the holocaust – is the German memory of that love, that bond.


Post #7

can you blame people who actively support him and the various other Civic groups when there is no Racial Nationalist group out there worthy of support. Instead of continually moaning about the situation we have somehow got to get our act together.

I agree; it’s not the fault of those who support the new “chosen one” but a failure of leadership on our part. A failure that goes back over fifty years.

Like I keep saying we need someone who knows the meaning of and who represents British values such as fair play, honesty, and self-restraint, and who has a proven track record of non-political deeds which reveal that he – or perhaps she? – have been and are courageous individuals who in dangerous or difficult situations have placed the life and safety of others before their own.

Will such a courageous individual step forward before it’s too late?


Post #8

I believe the problem lies with the British people, everything has to be spelled out to them over and over again. They seem to refuse every opportunity to form their own opinions

Hasn’t that been true about people – the masses – throughout Western history? The people – “the crowd” – always seem to need leadership, guidance, from the right kind of person.

We just don’t seem to have found – yet – the right person.

l remind everyone of John Tyndall’s favourite statement…. “In this country we don’t have a black problem, we have a white problem.”

I always respected JT and he was right about us having “a White problem.” But the reality is – in my opinion – that the solution is and always historically was one of leadership. Of the people being able to trust, follow, be loyal to, a leader whom they can respect and admire and who gives voice to – who presents a future vision of – their dreams, their hopes, for a better world for them and their children.

Much as I over the decades respected and admired JT and CJ and some others who assumed leadership positions they not only lacked the personal charisma to sway ordinary Brits but also did not have such non-political heroic deeds to their name as would have connected them to ordinary decent White folk.